BITE TO EAT Luis Suarez can bite whenever he wants as Barcelona star opens own trendy restaurant

Suarez stands proudly in the Barcelona restaurant

RENOWNED biter Luis Suarez has launched his own trendy restaurant in the heart in Spain.

The Chalito Barcelona boasts a luxurious interior and a wide selection of home-made fast food.

Suarez, who has been punished several times during his career for biting players, has a keen passion for food.

After opening a beach bar, the former Liverpool lad decided to branch out and open his own restaurant.

Chilato Barcelona is located in a two-storey building on the stylish Rambla de Catalunya.

It is decorated with wooden furniture and finished with a wrought iron trimming.

The restaurant is on the trendy Rambla de Catalunya

Chalito Barcelona aims to give off a warm homely atmosphere

The former Liverpool ace intended for the Catalan restaurant to give off a warm homely atmosphere.

Suarez’s interest in food was inspired by a local beachside bar, called El Chalo de Tapas.

The Uruguayan star and Lionel Messi were regular visitors to the South American and Italian cuisine bar.

After becoming close with those in charge of the bar, the striker opted to go into business with them.

The restaurant will serve home-made fast food

The restaurant is Suarez’s second venture of its kind

Suarez has always had a passion for food

The striker has struggled for form at Barcelona

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