Fifa denies claims heated balls could be used in rigged World Cup 2018 draw

Former president of world football Sepp Blatter last year claimed some European draws had been fixed with use of hot and cold balls. The disgraced former boss of world football, Sepp Blatter, last year alleged that European draws in the past had been manipulated due to a difference in the temperature of balls. Fifa hes quashed fears heated balls could be used in the World Cup draw
Blatter insisted heated balls “didn’t exist” in Fifa draws.

However, Uefa dismissed Blatter’s words as “completely absurd” and Fifa has moved to reassure fans and officials ahead of Friday’s draw.

Chris Unger, Fifa director of competitions, delivered a blunt response when quizzed on hot balls.

He said: “There’s no truth to that. They’re all the same.

“They don’t feel any different, they don’t look any different with the exception of red balls, which are there for a purpose.

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