‘It’s great to be sat beside a legend of the game… and Gary Neville,’ Noel Gallagher jokes on Sky Sports ahead of Manchester derby

Noel Gallagher clearly enjoyed himself in the company of former footballers Graeme Souness and Gary Neville – even if it was the latter who bore the brunt of his dry remarks.

Manchester City-supporting Gallagher took centre stage in between Souness and Neville ahead of the derby fixture at Old Trafford and it didn’t take him long to have a pop at the former Man United full back.

‘I’m great to be sat beside a legend of the game (points to Souness)… and Gary Neville,’ he said.

Noel Gallagher joked about being said in the middle of a ‘legend and Gary Neville’

Gallagher also suggested that the title race wouldn’t be over if City beat United on Sunday

The former lead guitarist of Oasis then turned a little more serious, suggesting that the Premier League title race wouldn’t be over even if City beat United.

‘We won’t win it today but these lot could be out of it, though. There could be an insurmountable gap,’ he said.

‘But we could win here today and lose against Tottenham and it could get cancelled out. Or we could draw both games so it’s not over yet.’

Gallagher celebrates after David Silva’s strike put Manchester City 1-0 up against United

He was, of course, a little quieter when Marcus Rashford equalised for Jose Mourinho’s side

Jamie Carragher posted a picture on his Instagram of himself, Souness, Neville and Gallagher

City defender Nicolas Otamendi goes in for a challenge on United forward Anthony Martial

Gallagher also said that he’d never seen a City side be able to grind out results before like they have done recently against Huddersfield and West Ham.

He said: ‘When we first started the season when we were hammering teams it was great to watch and all that but I think the last three or four games we’ve seen something different where they are kind of digging it out in the last minute. We’ve never seen that City before.’

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