Uefa fines Everton because fan was carrying child hit out at Lyon player

UEFA has fined Everton 30,000 euros after a fan tried to punch an opposing team’s goalkeeper when a clash between players spilled toward the stands.

UEFA says Everton was guilty of “aggressions by supporters against players” during a Europa League game against Lyon last month.

The fan was holding a child with one arm when he targeted Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes during the melee.

Everton said it would ban the supporter from attending games.


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The ugly scenes were sparked by an Ashley Williams foul on Lopes, who was then pushed in the melee towards the advertising hoardings at the Gladys Street end, where an irate fan carrying a young child slapped him on the head twice.

Instigator Williams lost his head during the scrap as was seen swinging his arms in an aggressive manner towards Lyon midfielder Lucas Tousart.

Williams was very fortunate to escape with just a yellow card from referee Bas Nijhuis and will almost certainly face retrospective disciplinary action when UEFA review the footage.

But Williams played down the incident when quizzed by BT Sport after the final whistle.

He said: ‘It’s what happens, it’s football. It is what it is. It’s just what happens, it’s football and stuff happens. It was one of them things I suppose.’

Lopes later retorted: ‘I don’t think it’s part of the English atmosphere to hit an away player but it was like that.’

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