Premier League and FA Cup semi-finals team news: weekend countdown – live!

And now for the weekend’s second FA Cup semi-final. Interesting point raised here by Simon Burnton in our Ten Things to look out for: does this mean we should support Wolves because they’re more likely to give Manchester City – assuming they beat Brighton – a better game in the final?

In the nine games they have played over the last two months Wolves have beaten Manchester United twice, but also lost to Burnley and Huddersfield. In the same time Watford have lost to Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United, but beaten everyone else. The Hornets are extraordinarily consistent against teams around or below them in the table but pretty hopeless against the country’s finest sides. Precisely the opposite is true of Wolves, who have taken 27.7% of their Premier League points against the top six (and knocked two of them out of the FA Cup) while Watford’s figure is 6.5%. In all competitions, Wolves have won nearly as many games against the top six this season (five) as Watford have in the four years since their promotion (seven). All of which suggests that if Manchester City beat Brighton on Saturday Wolves will be considerably better-equipped than Watford to prevail in the final – but also that the Hornets are the more likely to actually get there.

More on Hennessey and him not making a Nazi salute, here.

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