Europa League final: Why Chelsea’s title bid is already threatened

There are fears that Chelsea’s Europa League title is already being threatened as a result of suspected unrest in the dressing room.

After defeating German Bundesliga outfit Frankfurt in the semi-final, the West London outfit set up a clash against their London rivals Arsenal in Baku which would be played later on Wednesday.

It has been reported that a row between Argentina international Gonzalo Higuain and Brazilian international David Luiz got to the manager and he acted in a surprising manner by walking out of the training before the end of the session.

The report reveals that Maurizio Sarri threw his cap to the floor in disgust of the heated row between two of his players before leaving the pitch to the tunnel, a situation that left the players surprised and stranded on the pitch.

The dramatic situation all started with a heated exchange of words between the two-star players which the club has denied when contacted for a reaction.

A Chelsea spokesman had denied the sad reaction by Maurizio Sarri and claimed that his leaving the pitch had nothing to do with the players and the reported row as he explained that he had other reasons that had to do with preparation for the game with set-plays.

No matter what the argument might be for manager Maurizio Sarri, it has been made clear that all is not well in the Chelsea camp and that is a threat to their bid for the title.

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