ARSENE’S WORLD OF PAIN From Bangkok To Rome And Zambia

YOU know you are unpopular when people on every continent are calling for your head.

This week in the midst of protest in Zimbabwe over despot president Robert Mugabe – disgruntled Arsenal fans were seen holding a “Wenger Out” banner.

During Robert Mugabe protests in Zimbabwe one delighted crowd member decided to share his displeasure with the French manager.

And today we can reveal embattled Gunners boss Arsene has been coming in for stick from across the globe after banners went viral on social media.

Coldplay fans at a gig in Bangkok showed the unhappiness while signs have even appeared in South Africa during political rallies.

Anti-Wenger fans even hijacked an event by the Pope in Rome to display a “Wexit” banner while one even appeared at a Jeremy Corbyn rally in leafy Leamington Spa.

Despite the calls for him to go, he remains as stubborn as his defence in the 1990s.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan even tweeted: “Arsene Wenger has even outlasted Robert Mugabe. Unbelievable.”

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