Beating Napoli Twice Is An Incredible Achievement, Guardiola

Pep Guardiola assured Manchester City will try to beat Shakhtar Donetsk and described how he felt watching Napoli: “Wow, how good they play!”.

The Partenopei dominated the Premier League leaders for almost half-an-hour, but when Faouzi Ghoulam went off with a potentially serious knee injury, the game changed and City eventually won 4-2 at the Stadio San Paolo.

“I got many responses. In two weeks, we beat a fantastic team twice and for 20 minutes they massacred us,” said the Coach in his Press conference, having won 2-1 on home turf.

“I wanted to close them down the left, where they had Ghoulam, Hamsik, Jorginho and Insigne, this incredible ability to make short passes. We wanted to pin them back, but with Pepe Reina it was impossible.

“I am above all happy with the way we reacted after going 1-0 down. Before the 1-1, we were keeping possession a little better. If you let Napoli play, you can’t get out of your own penalty area for 90 minutes.

“In short spaces, Napoli is the best team in the world at the moment. I saw great character after it went to 2-2 and, although it’s true Jose Callejon had that chance, we showed real determination.

“I know perfectly well which team we managed to beat here. It is a team I am in love with watching. They made me suffer today the first half. I hope their players can stay healthy because football needs teams like Napoli.

“It’s a great victory for us because it proves to us that we can win anywhere. We spoke yesterday and today that we could not expect to control for 90 minutes at that level, so it was all about how we would react when going behind. We did it twice. I am so pleased.


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