Hazard speaks on fighting a “war” before season ends

Belgium international and Chelsea star Eden Hazard has stated that the race to reach the top four until the end of the season is a hard war as they have got a number of games remaining,

The West London outfit are battling to break into the top four despite securing a win against Fulham as they have got Man United and Arsenal to compete with.

Chelsea failed to qualify for the Champion League this season and they are hoping to return next season but that will only be possible if they finish in the top four spots which is yet to be realized.

However, Eden Hazard has revealed that the Chelsea players have held talks following the 1-1 draw between Arsenal and Tottenham so as to take the advantage and steal the top spot.

He noted that there are now six teams that are scrambling for just four slots which makes it more difficult than it used to be in the past but stated that they will do all it takes to secure maximum points so as to stand a chance.

Meanwhile, Arsenal and Man United are also in the race to steal the position as Man City and Liverpool are already confirmed for the first two slots.

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