Liverpool Favourites For The Champions League Title

Jurgen Klopp’s side will as so much not flinch or buckle on their way to the semis of the Champions League after reaching this same spot last campaign and eventually sailed through to an epic final against Real Madrid, losing dramatically to the Whites. Klopp has learnt his lesson, pressing Reds hierarchy to get him a better goalie in Alisson Becker who joined from Roma in January.

Liverpool are still tailing closely behind fierce rivals Manchester City in the Premier League. But the lure of lifting the Champions League trophy would be a testament to Klopp’s tactical prowess, even if City clinch the Premier League title. Reds have managed to breeze past opponents with so much ease this campaign, thanks to their well rounded attack and defence which has turned them into a spectacular side to watch.

Watching the Reds sink Bayern Munich and dumping them out of the Champions League shows how much threat Liverpool’s front-line packs. Reds relentless attacking trio Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino, despite continuing to share goals between them, have been more ruthless this term.

Though the short absence of Firmino saw them rnn out of fuel in the previous week of the Premier League. Still, you couldn’t write off the quality they bring to the pitch when they are played. Their perfectly timed runs and how seamlessly they squeezed behind Bayern Munich defenders gives them a good bit of an edge against opponents.

And with the help of a liquid midfield that has Adam Lallana, the advancing Wilnajdum and Fabinho, it would be a pounding worry for opponents to try and stifle balls coming off their boots. Nico Kovac admission about the quality they possess, after seeing his side’s unbeaten run come to an end shows how good Klopp is at eliminating their opponents’ strengths.

As we noticed in SBD´s UCL odds tracker, Liverpool finds itself with the fourth-best odds to win the Champions League ahead of the quarterfinal draw at +450, not far behind Man City (+250), Barcelona (+300), and Juventus (+400). That is solid value on a team that has looked every bit the equal of City in the Premier League and just dispatched of Bayern in dominant fashion. The implied probability of City’s +250 odds equates to 28.6%; Liverpool’s +450 odds equal just 18.2%. The difference between these teams is not nearly that large.

Reds aggressive and lethality is fearsome, but their Virgil van Dijk led defence you couldn’t ignore when pitching them side by side against their European counterparts. With the former Saints man marshalling the heart of their defence, Reds have kept clean sheets in more than 50% of the games he’s played, teamed with Alexander-Arnold, Robertson and Joel Matip. 

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