Revealed, the person who stopped Suarez’s Arsenal move

It has been revealed that Barcelona star and Uruguay international Luis Suarez was on the verge of joining the North London outfit Arsenal from Liverpool but he was convinced not the go as talks had already begun.

It is understood that Luis Suarez was not finding it easy anymore at the Anfield and only needed a way out in 2013. He was allegedly abused racially by Man United defender Patrice Evra and the incident of biting Chelsea star Branislav Ivanovic.

The period for Luis Suarez was hell and the only option was to quit the Merseyside outfit and Arsenal was an option for him because of the readiness of the club to meet with his terms.

However, it is revealed that Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard was responsible for why Luis Suarez had a change of mind as he was talked out of the deal.

Luis Suarez, who made this revelation, said he was convinced by the Liverpool legend to remain at the club for just one season with the assurance that he would be able to land a deal with top European sides like Bayern Munich and his current club, Barcelona the next season.

There is no doubt that the advice worked for the star player as he now having it good at the Camp Nou.

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