YOU have to hand it to David Moyes, he’s gone for bust at West Ham after just one game.

It was great for headlines to hear the Scot blasting “big stars with big reputations” for letting the club down after marking his reign with a 2-0 defeat at Watford.

A few jokers asked just who were these supposed top talents at the Hammers, who are third from bottom in the Premier League and face Leicester at home on Friday?

But it is a card Moyes can play only once. In these days of massive egos and monster wages, the chances are if he keeps on digging them out then they’ll finish him.

Sadly we don’t know how tough Moyes was on his men in the dressing room.

For his sake you hope he let them have both barrels as his squad are likely to take less kindly to his outburst if they weren’t prepared for it beforehand.

Jose Mourinho found out around this time two years ago that publicly blasting your stars is a massive gamble which can backfire horribly.

It is early days, but there must be a real fear at West Ham that the rot has set in too deep already at the club. DAVID WOODS COLUMN: West Ham boss David Moyes, The FA and Chelsea manager Antonio Conte

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